Monday, March 14, 2011

ambreigh and barnwood flooring

Bre is six weeks old now. It seems that the first 6 weeks are always a blur. I decided it was high time that I break in my new (Canon) camera and lens that Kel got me a couple of months ago. I am switching from Sony, but will still keep it and most of my lenses that go with it as a back up camera. I also just purchased a new back drop that looks like a barn wood floor and wall. I love it! Thank goodness it is machine washable because Ambreigh already peed and threw up on it twice. Not to mention pooped in her blanket while I was trying to get some shots of her. Oh, the joys of working with newborns... This just cracks me up. She has a love/hate relationship with her pasci. She either holds it in for dear life or (if in a volatile mood) uses it as a projectile weapon. Love her! My very talented and beautiful sister-in-law Heather made this adorable purple flower as a prop for me. Love your guts!

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